Your headache diary
Brain Twin
by Nordic Brain Tech
Brain Twin is available in App Store og Google Play on your smartphone in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Estonia.
About Brain Twin
Brain Twin helps you to collect the most important information about your headache.
Headache occurance
Register the day and time of your headache, the intensity and location of the pain on your head.
Register medications you use and set personal reminders.
Follow how headache and medication change over time in monthly or yearly overviews.
Cloud storage
Save your data safely in our cloud service. Nordic Brain Tech take all necessary measures with regards of information security and handling of personal data (GDPR).
We want to give you the best experience
The app content is developed and validated by leading Norwegian headache experts.
Brain Twin adapts to your needs, whether you like to register quick with less information, or granular information.
Brain Twin Community
Join Brain Twin Community with other Brain Twin users, ask questions and get the latest updates (only in Norwegian)
Statistics for your physician
Brain Twin collect information that is important when following up headache conditions.
Supported by
Brain Twin is developed in collaboration with St.Olavs Hospital, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Nordic Brain Tech.
For help and support with Brain Twin please contact
Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21 0349 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 47802121
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